First Grade

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 Welcome to First Grade!

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Important Dates

October 9- Picture Retakes

October 9- PTO meeting 7:00 pm cafeteria

October 14-18- Dallastown C.A.R.E.S Week

Oct. 14- Wear a Shirt with a Positive Message

Oct. 15- Dress your Best

Oct.16-Dress like a Friend

Oct. 17- Wear Super Hero attire

Oct. 18- Wear Wildcat Wear
(walking field trip to Manor Care)

October 16- Free breakfast for 1st graders

October 18- PTO Family Fun Night at 6:30-8:00

October 21- Wear red for Red Ribbon Week

October 25 – Dress like your Favorite Book Character Day

October 31- Wear spooky themed accessories



During October, students will be learning about Marc Brown, the author of the Arthur books! We will be reading Arthur books and making connections to the stories. We will also practice retelling the stories including the beginning, middle, and end. Don't forget to have your child practice retelling the books he or she brings home each night.


Word Study

Starting in October, we begin to add the new first grade sight words to our word wall. We will be learning three new words and continue learning a new word family chunk weekly. Don't forget to review these words a few times a week before the test each Friday! Some fun ways to practice the words are listed on the website. 

Word families for this month: -ill, -ick, -ip, -un, and -op



We will continue writing true stories about ourselves, called Small Moments! We will be working on adding talking words, using our word walls, and beginning to edit our stories to make them even better. We are now writing 3 page stories with lots of details. We want to include feelings, thoughts, and movement words to make our stories come alive.



We will be spending a lot of time focusing on addition and subtraction strategies. We will be using a number line, touch spots, doubles facts, and more. All of these strategies will help us to become faster with our facts. At the end of the month students will be introduced to XtraMath an online facts program that can be used at both home and school for basic fact practice.

Math Vocab Words: count on, number line, addends, doubles, related facts, take away, subtraction, minus, difference, count back, fact family

Science and Social Studies

We will be identifying features of the Earth like mountains, valleys, plains, hills, rivers, and oceans. We will be creating a salt dough map during this unit, which will include all of these landforms.

We will also be learning about American symbols like the Liberty Bell, White House, Statue of Liberty, bald eagle, and American flag. Students will work with a group to present information about an American symbol to the class!