Expectations for Students

j      Expectations for Studentsj

During the first few weeks of school, each second grade class spends a great deal of time going over what the school and classroom expectations are for the students. We talk about "The 3 B"s": Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. We also brainstorm what each of these "B"s" look like. 

Besides "The 3 B"s", there are two other expectations. The first of these is to do your best. Students identify what behaviors and actions would fit into this category. The last expectation is to have fun. Learning is a great opportunity to expand our minds and challenge ourselves. 

In order for all of our students to do their best, each student is expected to meet these expectations.

We believe in fostering student independence and teaching the students that they have a choice to make everyday. They have the choice to meet the expectations. If the student chooses to not meet the expectations, the student will receive an appropriate consequence. Consequences may differ among children, as each child is unique and responds differently.

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