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 Welcome to First Grade!

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Important Dates:

February 3rd- 100th Day of School!

February 10th-14th- Jump Rope for Heart Week- Wear sweats and sneakers on the day you have gym this week, and practice heart healthy exercise all week long. 

February 12th- PTO Roller Skating Party at Roll-R-Way from 6-8 pm

February 14th- Snow Make Up Day- Wear red, pink, or

purple for Valentine’s Day

February 17th- President’s Day- No School

February 18th- Dress like a President Day

February 21st- Winter Whiteout- Wear all white

February 25th- Dallastown CARES Day- Wear your DTE spirit wear

February 28th- End of Trimester 2- Early Dismissal




During February, students will enjoy listening to and reading various folk tales and fairy tales. While reading these stories, we will be discussing the various components included in a folk tale as well as the difference between real and make-believe. Later this month, we will be discussing how to figure out the most important part of a story by looking at the problem in the story and how it was solved, and pointing out the times in a story that the character changes. We are also going to begin writing responses in our journals to the stories that we are reading.


Word Study


We will begin to work with new spelling words focused on short vowel sounds and beginning digraphs (sh, th, ch, wh).  Please choose one activity from the February Spelling Menu to complete each week for homework.  We will also add the following words to the Word Wall this month, and they should continue to be reviewed along with previously learned Word Wall words:

out, will, after, give, your, us, must, off, old, now, came, made





We began a unit on realistic fiction! Students are creating a character, giving him or her a name, and creating an adventure with a problem and solution. We will also be reading lots of realistic fiction examples during this time so that we can use some of these great ideas in our stories.




In math, we will be finishing up our graphing unit and moving into a unit focusing on place value to 60. We will relearn the concept of tens and ones using larger numbers. Later in the month we will begin applying our addition and subtraction strategies to larger facts with a sum or difference of 60. Also, by the end of the trimester students will be expected to count by 1’s, 5’s, and 2’s to 60.  

Math Vocab Words: odd, even, skip count, place value, greater than, less than, equal to, two digit number, add, subtract, tens, ones, related facts


 Science/Social Studies


We will be starting a unit on rocks and soil.  The students will be learning about the various types of rocks and soil and how they are classified.  We will also begin to learn about our teeth and how to keep them healthy. We will be learning the types of teeth, the parts of the teeth, and ways to keep plaque from building.