First Grade

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 Welcome to First Grade!

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Important Dates

August 23rd – First Day of School!
August 28th - Wear a shirt from somewhere you visited over the summer or a shirt that tells something about you!
September 3rd – No School (Labor Day)
September 6th – Picture Day!
September 11th - Honor Patriot Day by searing your USA or flag gear!
September 17th - Celebrate Constitution Day by wearing red, white, and blue!
September 19th – Literacy Night 6:00-7:30 pm
September 21st – No School
September 24th - Come in your favorite fall outfit or fall colors!


Students will be learning about Jonathan London and reading Froggy books. Jonathan London has a great style and uses lots of sound words that make us laugh! We will be previewing books and predicting what we think is going to happen throughout the story. We will also practice picking our favorite part of a story and sharing why it was our favorite. Don't forget to have your child do both of these things in the books they bring home each night. Students will start bringing home books the second week of school!

Word Study

During the first few weeks of school, we will spend some time reviewing the word wall words learned in kindergarten. We will also be learning a new word family chunk each week. Don't forget to complete a spelling activity on your child’s monthly Spelling Menu once each week!

        Word families for this month: -ap, -am, -an, -ay


We will be starting our first unit of study by learning what it means to be a writer, how to plan out a story, and what it looks like to be a writer in first grade. Students are expected to be more independent with their writing. We begin the year by writing narrative stories that focus in on small moments in their own lives! We practice lots of strategies about how to sound out words we don’t know how to spell, and we work on adding lots of details as the year goes on.


We will spend a lot of time in the first few weeks of school focusing on numbers 1-30, as well as extending and building patterns using numbers, shapes, and letters. Afterward, we will begin joining numbers and basic addition.

        Math Vocab Words: add, addition number sentence, equals, part, plus, sum, true, false, whole, zero

Social Studies

We will start the year off learning about our school, the people who work in our school, and how schools have changed over time. We will also spend time learning our school rules and expectations along with class building activities to help us get to know each other.