First Grade

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 Welcome to First Grade!

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Important Dates

December 5th – Dress like a Rock Star Day

December 9th – Western Day

December 12th – Wear Your Favorite Things

December 19th – Polar Express Party

December 20th – Wear favorite holiday themed clothing

December 21st-January 1st – Holiday Break


During December, we will finish up reading our persuasive text which are linked to our writing. Afterwards, we will be reading various texts to practice finding the author’s message or lesson within a story. Before our holiday break we will read “The Polar Express” and watch the movie at our holiday party in order to compare and contrast the two. 


Word Study

In December, we will continue adding words to our word wall, as well as investigating 3 new word families. Starting in January, we will move away from our word families and will begin learning various vowel patterns to apply when we are spelling words.


Word families for this month: -en, -ed, and -ar



This month we continue our persuasive writing unit. Students will be learning how to effectively write by using opinions and supporting details in order to convince a reader. We will look at real examples of persuasive writing and create our own!



We will be spending a lot of time practicing and applying our strategies to various addition and subtraction problems up to 20. We will also continue our Xtra Math program, which is an online fact fluency program. Students will be working to learn their facts quickly and accurately. This program will be completed at school and can also be done at home.  To access it click on the red link at the top of our webpage to go to our First Grade website.  There you can find the Xtra Math link and your child will be able to work on his/her facts.   

Math Vocab Words: count on, count back, even, odd, doubles,
doubles plus 1, fact family, commutative property


Science/Social Studies

During this month we begin our first science unit on the body. We will be learning about the major systems of the body and their functions We will also discuss how to keep our bodies healthy. Later in December, we will be learning about holidays around the world and see how they are similar or different to the holidays that we celebrate during this time of the year.