First Grade

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 Welcome to First Grade!

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Important Dates

November 5th – Wear mismatched clothing or clothing with many colors

November 8th – Wear clothing with words

November 13th – Dress for your future career

November 15th, 19th, and 20th – Parent/Teacher Conferences

Book Fair will be open in the cafeteria during conferences

November 16th – Wear your favorite pajamas

November 19th – Dress in fall colors and come to school with an idea of what you are thankful for!

November 20th-26th  - No School (Thanksgiving Holiday)

November 29th – Wear your favorite hat


During November, we will be reading books by Kevin Henkes and practice retelling the stories using transition words and details. This is an area you can work on at home as well by asking your child to retell the book he/she brings home. 

Word Study

In November, we will continue adding new sight words to our word wall and work with a new word family chunk each week.  Please continue to review the old word ring words and the new words before the test each Friday! We will also be taking some of these words and looking at how we can add various endings to change the word (ed, s, and ing).

Word families for this month: -ot, -ell, -et


This month we start our persuasive writing unit. Students will be learning how to effectively write by using opinion and supporting details in order to convince a reader. We will look at real examples of persuasive writing and use our personal collections to create our own!


We have jumped from learning all about addition to learning about subtraction. Throughout our subtraction unit we will learn that subtraction means to take away, how to read subtraction sentences, and how to write the symbols used to make these sentences. 
Math Vocab Words: compare, difference, minus (-), related facts, subtract, subtraction number sentence

Math Vocab Words: count on, number line, addends, doubles,

doubles (+) plus 1, and doubles (-) minus 1

Science/Social Studies

During this month we will be learning about various family traditions and how families are similar and different. We will also be working on a family project to share with you at conferences.   

Don't forget to sign up for conferences, we have so much to share with you!

Conferences are November 15th, 19th, and 20th!